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Do you want to do an internship with the Kiesmannen?

Application Deadline: 15 June 2022 23:59

We are looking for 3 ambitious students who will join our team from September at the Kiesmannen office in Amsterdam North!

Are you curious if this is something for you? Then go to the ‘Vacancy’ page on our website!

Theater tour 2023

The Electoral Men: In Search of Europe

Europe is storming: the British chose their own path, the Hungarians break the…
rule of law and the Russians have invaded Ukraine. The old continent does not know how to deal with the great challenges of today, but especially not with itself.
The continent between the capitalist United States and socialist China, the continent of Romanticism and ‘No More War’. The continent drowning in its own history. Do we actually remember who we are, Europeans? Or do we need a new story? During a dazzling show full of music, images and humor, the Kiesmannen and the audience go in search of today’s European story.

From March 2023, the Kiesmannen will tour theaters throughout the Netherlands with this show!


Past Events

The Amsterdam Election Show

March 9, 2022 @ Paradiso Amsterdam

On Wednesday 9 March 2022, the Kiesmannen were live in Paradiso Amsterdam with a dazzling Amsterdam election show full of performances, humor and interaction. No general stories about national political haggling, but all the balls to Amsterdam politics. The Kiesmannen prepare you for the most important election themes: from the housing crisis to serious crime, from the climate goals to tourism in the city and from work to urban greenery.


January 31, 2022 @ Eye Amsterdam

On January 31, the first screening of the film ‘Momentum’, registered by Floris Rijssenbeek , among others, will take place in Eye Amsterdam.

Momentum tells the stories of three young women who are fighting for a place in the House of Representatives this year: Carline van Breugel (26), Mikal Tseggai (26) and Michantely de Jong (29). Each and every one of them has stood up for their ideals in recent years. Carline van Breugel organized protest actions for education, Mikal Tseggai championed equality of opportunity as a councilor in The Hague and Michantely de Jong delved into issues surrounding climate justice. Now they are taking the next step and are standing for election for the 2021 elections to the House of Representatives. Each for a different party, each with its own story. United in their fight for a seat. Momentum wants to tell those battle stories.

The National Election Show

March 9, 2021

During the National Election Show, the Kiesmannen present the political party programs in a show full of satire, substantive analysis, music and spoken word. The Kiesmannen guide you right through the Haagsche swamp so that afterwards you can see the trees through the forest again. Current topics abound, after the turbulent year 2020; the world has been gripped by an unprecedented pandemic, ravaged by an economic crisis and is under the spell of the worldwide protest movement #BlackLivesMatter. During these 1.5 hours, the Kiesmannen will discuss these and all kinds of other social events. What has happened in the past four years? And what do the various parties think in the field of the economy, climate, healthcare and Europe? And will we finally get a female prime minister this time?

The Great Europe Show

May 2019

The Kiesmannen guide you through the Brussels jungle: why does the EU exist? How does the EU work? What can you vote for and what course are the various parties taking on themes such as climate, migration and the future of the EU? In one evening, the Electoral Men will drag you through the political quagmire during an interactive election show full of surprises, so that you can enter the voting booth on 23 May informed.