The Electors Academy 2024 – Europe

The Electors Academy is a track that gives 20 young participants (18-28) the opportunity to develop politically, journalistically, socially and help increase youth turnout during elections.

In April 2024, the 3rd batch of The Electors Academy will start! The Electors Academy is a track in which 20 young participants (18-28) have the opportunity to develop politically, journalistically, socially. During the course of +/- 8 weeks, you will receive several workshops from journalists, opinion makers, campaigners and politicians. You will also set up your own voting campaign in different teams (with campaign budget) to mobilize as many young people as possible for the ballot box.

What are you going to do!
– You will have 7 special workshops (starting April 12 every Friday afternoon from 13:00 – 18:00) on European politics & campaigning
– You will receive weekly training from renowned journalists, politicians & campaign gurus on the election & how to build a successful turnout campaign with a team.
– You’re in for The Great Europe Show with The Electors at Paradiso (Wednesday, May 8)
– On Thursday, June 6 (Election Day), watch the results of the election with the team + the Electors during an election night.

For whom.
Ambitious and enthusiastic young people between the ages of 18 and 28 (MBO/HBO/WO), who are socially engaged, want to develop personally and make an impact. In-depth knowledge about European politics is not necessary, desire to develop with 20 peers is! There is no charge for your participation. At the Electors Academy, everyone is welcome, regardless of
your background, political color or education. We find that diversity is enriching to achieve our goals. We also believe in the power of differences to mobilize together as many young people as possible for the ballot box. Participation in The Electors Academy is free. In addition to the Friday afternoon workshop, you and your team will spend an average of 4 hours per week developing your own attendance campaign.

Application deadline: through Sunday, March 10, 2024 (send your resume + cover letter to

Academy start date: Friday, April 12, 2024
Academy end date: Friday, June 14, 2024

*Note: every year there are many applications for this program, participants are selected based on their resume/motivation letter + an interview in the second round.

This program is funded by the European

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2 Jan, 2024


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