The Great Election Show – Paradiso Amsterdam (March 6, 2023)

March 15, 2023, is the Provincial Council elections. On Monday, March 6, The Electors will be in Paradiso Amsterdam for the 5th time with The Great Election Show.

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March 15, 2023, is the Provincial Council elections. Perhaps the áller boring elections in the Netherlands. You think. Because the Province is about much more than you ever imagined: nitrogen, housing, Tata Steel, Schiphol Airport, energy transition, asylum seekers, data centers, and again: nitrogen. You can’t think of something crazy or the Province has something to do with it. Also, the members of the Provincial Council elect the members of the Senate. The main task of the Senate is to approve or reject bills: not insignificant for this faltering administration.

But don’t feel like or have time to read all those long-winded party programs? The Electors got you covered. On Monday, March 6, one week before the elections, The Electors will launch their fifth dazzling election show in Paradiso Amsterdam.

How do political parties differ on issues such as housing, nitrogen & climate? What does the king’s commissioner do? And will new parties like the BoerBurger Movement, JA21 & Volt add anything in the provinces?

So forget the long election programs, boring panel discussions or TV debates, and brace yourself for an hour and a half of political fireworks so that we as a young generation can start storming that voting booth en masse this year.

Presenters: Jochem Jordaan & Fien Reerds

Door de Kiesmannen
13 Dec, 2022


In collaboration with Paradiso Amsterdam Partners: European Commission, Municipality of Amsterdam & Kieskompas
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