Untold Stories

Seven workshop weeks on the edges of Europe

As part of the Conference on the Future of Europe, we received a grant from the European Parliament to collect and produce multimedia stories and run campaigns in seven different underreported countries in Europe. The aim of Untold Stories is to amplify the voices and stories of young people in countries that are not equally represented in the European public debate.

We produced seven interdisciplinary workshop weeks in seven countries (Cyprus, Northern Ireland, Greenland, Estonia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Hungary & Romania) where we collaborated with local young journalists and campaigners to create a platform for local, immersive multimedia stories on the most pressing issues of our time and their ideas about our collective future in Europe.

As an initiating partner, together with media collective Are We Europe, we were fully responsible for the production of seven weeks of workshops, multimedia stories, campaigns. The project attracted more than 100 participants and reached thousands of young people, both online and offline. See www.untold-stories.eu for all the content.

Door Dylan Ahern
16 Jan, 2022


AreWeEurope and the European Parliament
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